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Andy - What were you doing when your ship hit the cargo boat?

Chris - / was plating deck tennis with some friends.

Andy- And you, Kate?

Kate - I was sitting in a desk-chair. I was reading my book and listening to my walkman.

Andy - What were you doing, Amanda?

Amanda - I was in my friend's cabin. We were having a cup of tea and walking when we heard the crash .

Andy - What happened then?

Amanda -1 ran up to the desk . Kate and I went to our life boats .

Andy- Were you frightened?

Chris - A little.

Структура этого текста такова, что она позволяет легко преобразовать этот текст в повествование. Причем здесь можно сделать несколько сообщений:

О героях этого рассказа, а другие могут касаться сообщений учащихся об их приключениях во время путешествия (реальных или вымышленных).

Содержание этого диалога позволяет задавать по нему различные вопросы типа:

Where were the children travelling? What were they doing? What happened one day? What did each of them do when they heard the crash?

Смысловая сторона текста позволяет организовать дискуссию о том, как надо себя вести во время катастрофы, можно ли посылать детей в такие путешествия.

Two Gifts.

Jim and Delia were a newly married couple. They loved each other but they were very poor. They rented a small room in one of the dirty streets in the outskirts of New York.

They worked from early morning till late at night but they got very little money for their work. And still had two treasures - Jim 's gold watch and Delia 's beautiful hair.

Christmas holidays were coming and Delia thought of presenting Jim with something but she had no money for it. She really did not know what to do. She sat on sofa and began to cry. Suddenly an idea came to her mind. She got up and stood in front of the looking-glass. She saw her beautiful long hair in it. She left the house and in a few minutes she was already at the hairdresser's shop. «Will you buy my hair?» she asked the hairdresser looked at her hair and said, «Yes, I shall. I can give 20 dollars for it».

Delia was very happy. She took the money and went to buy a present for her husband. Soon she was a very beautiful chain. «I'll have it, Jim will be very? glad», she said to herself and bought it.

When she came home, Jim had been there waiting for her. When he looked at his wife he understood everything. «Why did you do it?» he said.

«Dear Jim, I wanted to give you a present. Here it is».

She gave him the chain that she had bought for his watch. But the beautiful chain, Delia 's present, was of no use for him. The matter was that he had sold his watch to make a present for his wife. He took a package out of his pocket and gave it to Delia. When she opened it, she saw two nice combs.

Этот текст можно отнести к фабульному рассказу. Он вызывает живое обсуждение.

Edison's First Invention

When Edison was a boy of fifteen, he worked as a telegraph operation. He had to be on duty at night, from 7 p.m. till 7 a.m. But at night there was always little work and telegraph operators usually slept. The boss ordered all the operators to give a signal every hour to show that they were awake. Edison 's signals were made with exactness which surprised the authorities.

So one day an inspector was sent to see how well the boy was working. When he opened the door he saw Edison sleeping in a chair. The inspector was about to shake the operator when he noticed a mechanism on the table near the telegraph apparatus. He waited to see what would happen. When the hand of the clock pointed to the hour, the mechanism got busy (began working) and sent a signal over the wire.

The inspector got very angry. He seized the boy by the collar and shook him. Edison awoke to find out that he had been dismissed (had lost his job). This story is an explanation why the first of Edison's numerous inventions was never patented.

Это фабульный рассказ и в то же время научно-популярный.

The Hare and the Tortoise

One day a Hare made a fun of the short legs and slow pace of a Tortoise. The Tortoise said «If you try a race with me I shall beat you». The Hare, being sure that he would win, agreed to try the race. They asked the Fox to mark out the course, and be the judge. The Fox gave the signal and they started together. The Tortoise never stopped for an instant, but went on with a slow, steady pace, straight to the end of the course. The Hare, knowing that he could reach the finish with a few jumps, lay down by the side of the road and fell fast asleep. When the Hare awoke, he ran as fast as he could, but when he reached the goal, he found the Tortoise quietly resting there.

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